My interest for typography started just before I became a teenager by the age of 12. One day in school, I think I was 14, I copied one of the graffiti sketches from my classmate who sat next to me. That mustt have been the day when I got obsessed with creating my own designed letters and Words. I kept on drawing every day, eventually learned how to transfer my drawings into paintings on walls by the age of 18 and developed a passion for “writing” ever since. About the same time I learned what originality means to my drawings and to me personally just by studying different styles and techniques. I tried out, created and developed some different styles for single letters  and ways to express myself that way.  Always trying to do something new, something different. Back then I focused on technical and complicated style techniques inspired by great graffiti artists from the 90s. I was fascinated by style as well as simple letters in 3d. There were only a handful 3d graffiti artists in the 90s so there was a plenty room and space for something different in between. “Just writing my name”.  There are so many different styles and different techniques all around the world now. Using your own handwriting though, no matter what style or technique you use, makes your “piece” unique….  using no style as style 😉 …

Soon… Here you find some examples I will update every now and then. Comments and Questions welcome 🙂


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