pretty chan

“Support of the mind, body and soul.

The flower of the root that will never grow old.

Love is something special; a wonder treasure to find.

You can’t touch it, smell it

Priceless (money can’t buy)

Dedication, trust

The heart shall reveal

But words can’t express

The way a true friend feels”

~ Blackstreet


easy is boring

You know I really liked that you and I are so much alike.
But may be you are right.
Perceiving there is no chance of receiving
any sort of feeling
from you after all these years. Focusing on careers.
I just kept dreaming
and I probably didn’t want to see
that I’m just another option while you meant the world to me.
During 11 hours of bliss and happiness, so many times I kissed you
You didn’t feel a single one, did you?
Whispered “I love you” in your ear.
you just refused to hear.
I couldn’t get through your armoured glass nor shatter it into pieces
If you only would’ve let me in you would’ve felt what inner piece is.
indifference is what you held and podest
used it like a shield, you did your best.
protecting yourself, too scared to feel
eternal fire inside, something that’s real.
You’ve made up your mind, got different plans
and I’m in your way, I know that …
why should you bother to give true love a chance?
eat, pray, no love, no regret.
I’m not worth your precious time?  Not worth to call you mine?
It’s killing me inside, but never mind… You want to be punished? I’m way too kind.
No look back, leave me behind.
I’ll be gone astray in your ashtray.
That’s what you want, right?
the easy way….

You & I

can’t just dissmiss me miss
because this
too urgent
are mMerchant
I’m not your merchandise
the way you treat me
is not nice
you sent me to hell
instead of paradise
I listened to your advice
to your voice
but you synthesized
our situation
try to equalize
even though I know
it’ll end in frustration
I’m still in fascination
with you
and I knew it comin’
was pitching my hopes too high
thought we could fly
good or bad
happy or sad
sunshiny or stormy weather
tell me why
did you lie
act so shy
and deny
your feelings for me
I mean I try to understand
but I honestly

the little things

The little things that catch my ear
make me think, make me fear
everytime you cross my mind
I fear to be without you near

Everytime I miss you dear

I think about you all the time
you, the “Prime” of my mind
you are one of a kind
I love your mind and you love mine

Every time I hear you dear

The little things that make me listen
make me question, reality glistens
everytime we do the same
I wonder how you know my name

Every time I feel you dear

Embrace my heart with sweet giving
All beauty is abound, alive and living
This sweet is rare, a treasured kind
I love your mind and you love mine

Every time I miss you dear

Every time I hear you dear

Every time I feel you dear…

…the little things
take away my greatest fear.

There is no you, there is

 There is no shadow, there is
if there is no light around, there is
there is no joy, there is
if there is no fun around, there is
there is no melody, there is
if there is no sound
there is no love, there is
when you are not around

written in December 2000 for today