crazy, stylish, brave or stupid? you tell me.



      • Perhaps not quite the same posture. My own claim to fame was having crossed feet on the forks while I laid back eating a sandwich. It wouldn’t have been so spectacular a sight had it not been on a curvy road while I was passing all my fellow employees in their cars and trucks. All I needed to do was lean from side to side for steering. There was also a screw attachment on the throttle to lock it in place.

        As for ‘streamlining’ like these kids were doing, it’s rather senseless on a fully decked Harley Davidson with a windscreen.

      • Wow, you don’t have a picture or video of you doing that by chance, I can imagine that pose…
        and I agree, I vote for stupid too.

      • That was a memory from around 1983, so unless someone had a Kodak Instamatic or Brownie, I doubt there’s evidence… but comments at work the next day varied.

  1. I vote Crazy. That is not to say I wouldn’t consider doing the same thing myself, if I ever got a motorbike πŸ˜‰ Looking at that picture I can nearly feel the wind on their faces…

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