easy is boring

You know I really liked that you and I are so much alike.
But may be you are right.
Perceiving there is no chance of receiving
any sort of feeling
from you after all these years. Focusing on careers.
I just kept dreaming
and I probably didn’t want to see
that I’m just another option while you meant the world to me.
During 11 hours of bliss and happiness, so many times I kissed you
You didn’t feel a single one, did you?
Whispered “I love you” in your ear.
you just refused to hear.
I couldn’t get through your armoured glass nor shatter it into pieces
If you only would’ve let me in you would’ve felt what inner piece is.
indifference is what you held and podest
used it like a shield, you did your best.
protecting yourself, too scared to feel
eternal fire inside, something that’s real.
You’ve made up your mind, got different plans
and I’m in your way, I know that …
why should you bother to give true love a chance?
eat, pray, no love, no regret.
I’m not worth your precious time?  Not worth to call you mine?
It’s killing me inside, but never mind… You want to be punished? I’m way too kind.
No look back, leave me behind.
I’ll be gone astray in your ashtray.
That’s what you want, right?
the easy way….


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  1. This is beautiful. You have condensed what would take a whole book to tell the story into one poem.

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